Health News

Improving Endurance in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients
Pulmonary fibrosis can lead to shortness of breath and a decreased ability to exercise. A recent study looked at how rehabilitation affects measures of exercise ability.
Walking Toward a Healthier Heart
Physical activity can help to protect against disease, and vigorous exercise isn't the only kind that can improve your health.
Shedding Pounds to Improve Heart Health
Weight loss has been linked to better heart health, but a recent study indicated that the benefits of dropping pounds may depend on whether they stay off.
Slowing Down in Older Age
With older age can come retirement and a chance to slow down, and according to research, that slowing down can carry over to physical activity as well.
Managing Weight in the Workplace
Many companies are making changes to encourage healthy lifestyle habits at work. But how effective are these efforts? Are they just trendy or do they improve the health of employees?
Quick Results Possible for Obese Kids
Weight loss can be a long journey. However, in a new study of obese children, the researchers found that changes to diet and exercise showed fairly quick results.
Exercising to Counter Holiday Overeating
Short-term overeating may not only result in weight gain — it can have long-term affects on metabolism too. Can exercise counter the harmful effects of a holiday feast?
A Heart Test to Save Athletes' Lives
Could a relatively simple test for heart abnormalities save athletes' lives? Recent research suggests that it might.
Kidney Stone Risks After Menopause
Eating healthily and exercising regularly have many health benefits for your heart and metabolism. New research suggests these healthy habits may also protect against kidney stones.
Exercise Benefits Were All in the Asking
Exercise can help treat diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. While getting people to move can be difficult, asking them about fitness habits may spur them to act.