Health News

Exercise Options for Multiple Sclerosis
Maintaining the ability to get around on their own is often a top priority for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), and exercise may be the key to staying mobile.
Walking Away From Cancer Rx Stiffness
After primary treatment, many breast cancer patients are given medicine to keep the disease from returning. Medicines called aromatase inhibitors block the production of estrogen, the hormone that feeds most breast cancers. Side effects of these medications can include joint pain and stiffness.
Breaking a Sweat for a Better Life with OA
For patients who have osteoarthritis, aching knees don't always seem compatible with physical activity. But a new study shows that exercising may actually add healthy years to a patient's life.
Easier Workouts with Interactive Tunes
Putting on a favorite album while at the gym seems to make the time go by faster. A recent study shows that musical feedback could also reduce exhaustion while exercising.
Exercise Earns an A+
The next time your children want to play outside for an extra 30 minutes, you might want to let them. More exercise now could lead to better grades in the future.
Preventing Sports Injury With Exercise
Injuries are basically the only downside of exercise, and many sports injuries can be tough to treat. But certain types of exercise may help people prevent these sports injuries.
Unintentional Meth-Fueled Workouts
Plenty of people fuel their workouts with protein and other supplements. Unfortunately, it's not always clear what may be added to these supplements. In some cases, dangerous substances have been found in products sold as natural supplements.
Keeping Little Legs Active
It's important for all children to get a regular amount of physical activity each day. Sometimes, the amount they get is affected by factors at preschool.
Breaking Bad Behaviors: Docs Urged to Act
The American Heart Association has looked at poor diet and seen the damage it has done. Healthcare providers are being called on to treat unhealthy behaviors as aggressively as physical risk factors.
Exercise for RA: Heart and Lungs Benefit
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and tenderness in joints, so patients frequently become sedentary. A new study may give people with the disease a new reason to move.