Health News

Breast Cancer Survivors Benefited from Yoga
Many breast cancer survivors report decreases in energy that interfere with daily activities. Yoga can be a gentle exercise that could boost energy and reduce fatigue in these survivors.
Preventing Disease with Exercise
Your health care provider may emphasize the importance of exercise, but exactly how important is physical activity for staying healthy?
Taking Steps Toward a Healthier Life
Getting enough physical activity each day is an important component to an overall healthy lifestyle. The earlier kids learn this habit, the more likely they will keep it up.
Women Who Sat Less Lived Longer
Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, but one new study shows it may not be enough for postmenopausal women who have otherwise sedentary lifestyles.
Sit Less, Feel Better
Being physically fit is good for your health, but simply limiting time sitting down might also be important, according to the authors of a new study.
Boosting Muscle to Lower Diabetes Risk in Women
Research has shown that aerobic exercise can help lower diabetes risk, and it seems muscle-strengthening exercises may be just has helpful.
One Quarter of Youth Met National Activity Guidelines
Getting outside to play seems like an easy task for most kids, but a new study revealed that many young people don’t do it enough. Researchers looked closely at how and how often children exercise.
Maintaining Weight Loss Over the Years
Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another issue altogether. A new study took a closer look at people who maintained their weight loss.
Interventions Preferable to Advice Alone for Weight Loss
It's easier to tell people to eat healthy and exercise than to lay out a custom fitness plan. However, a lifestyle change strategy may be more effective than advice alone.
Heart Disease and Stroke Remain Leading Health Threats
Heart disease and stroke remain two of the most dangerous health problems in America, according to a recent review of statistics and research.