Health News

Poorer People Less Likely to Lose Weight in Healthy Ways
It's notoriously difficult to lose weight. Researchers may have uncovered at least some answers as to why efforts to lose weight are often less successful for those with lower incomes.
Get Moving For Better Kidney Health
Walking is one of the most common forms of exercise for people in the United States. For patients with chronic kidney disease, taking a walk could be a lifesaver.
Overdosing on Exercise
Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. But for some people, it appears there is such thing as too much exercise.
Women Over 30 Should Stay Active for Their Hearts
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in high-income countries. It seems that the biggest risk factor for the condition may be a lifestyle habit that can be changed.
It's Not Too Late For Cardiovascular Fitness
Once you pass a certain age, maintaining a healthy level of cardiovascular fitness may start to feel like a lost cause. But that may not actually be the case, says a new study.
Small Doses of Exercise Kept Blood Sugar in Line
People who are insulin resistant are unable to turn their blood sugar into energy and can be at risk for diabetes. It’s possible that significantly better blood sugar control can be achieved with a few simple steps.
Inactivity a Major Issue for Adults with Disabilities
Staying physically active is important for everyone, even for adults who cope with disabilities. And a new report suggests that many of these adults aren't getting enough activity.
Avoiding Disability Through Light Activity
Only intense physical activity like running has real health benefits, right? Think again.
Leisure-Time Physical Activity for Healthy Hearts
Older adults now have another reason to add gardening or a leisurely evening walk into their daily routines.
Sports and Energy Drinks Too Popular with Teens
Teens are known to love soda, but they may be consuming other sugar-filled beverages these days, and ones that should also be avoided.