Health News

Exercise to Lower Insulin Resistance in Kids
Many medical conditions do not come on suddenly but instead have warning signs first. Diabetes, for example, starts with increased insulin resistance.
Plasma Therapy Could Help Athletes
Injuries that prevent athletes from exercising can be both extremely frustrating and common. Thankfully, a new treatment for a common tendon condition has shown promise.
Kids' Friends May Be Good Influence for Exercise
The company your child keeps can have a big influence on them, and according to research, physical activity is no exception to this rule.
Hearing the Benefits of a Healthy Weight
Sometimes keeping a healthy weight and a healthy level of physical activity can have unexpected benefits. Who would think there's a link between one's weight and their hearing?
Treating Low Back Pain with Yoga
The poses, breathing and meditation in a yoga class may do more than help you relax and feel centered. A review of evidence shows that it might relieve low back pain as well.
Kids Don't Run Like They Used To
No activity is more familiar to children than running: running on the playground, down the street, in races or though the house. But kids today may not run like they once did.
Moving Toward Healthier Aging
It's no secret that regular physical activity can contribute to being healthy as you age. But many might not realize that it's never too late to start.
Sesame Street May Help Kids Make Healthy Choices
Parents might try to feed their kids healthy food at home, but those children often will eventually be responsible for making their own healthy choices.
Righting a Wrong Heartbeat With Weight Loss
The hearts of people with atrial fibrillation beat too fast, which can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening problems. Weight loss might help some patients correct that heartbeat.
Fitness May be Key for Heart Disease Patients
Fitness is important to many people, but new research hints that it might be an issue of life or death to some patients with heart disease.