Health News

How Kidney Disease Might Affect Your Heart
Poor kidney function may have a big impact on heart-related deaths, a new study found.
Diabetes on the Rise Among Youth
Those younger than 20 have seen an increase in diabetes, according to a new study.
The Risk of Early Heart Attacks
Despite improvements in recent years, having a heart attack at a young age may still mean a higher risk of premature death, a new study found.
What Helps After Heart Attack
Invasive coronary strategies may improve survival in patients who have had a myocardial infarction  (heart attack), a new study found.
More Cancer Types Linked to Obesity
A new study has linked obesity to eight more types of cancer.
Diabetes Rx Could Fight Heart Disease
A drug often prescribed for type 2 diabetes could fight heart disease in patients with type 1 diabetes, a new study found.
The Longer You Weight
The longer women are overweight or obese as adults, the more likely they may be to get cancer, a new study found.
Long-Lived Parents May Mean Longer Life for You
If your parents are living long lives, that could mean good things for your health, a new study found.
Triple Diabetes Rx Combo May Work
A combination of three diabetes medications may help patients control their blood sugar and lose weight, a new study found.
Omega-3s and Your Heart
Omega-3s may reduce your risk of fatal heart disease, a large study found.