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How Weight Loss Might Help Your Knees
Losing weight might slow down the degeneration of cartilage in your knees, according to a new study.
Hip Fracture Surgery Vs. Total Hip Replacement: The Risks
Like all surgery, hip surgery has its risks. But there may be some important differences between hip fracture and total hip replacement (THR) surgeries.
Knee Pain? This Common Surgery May Be No Help
A common knee surgery to relieve pain may not be worth the risks for middle-aged and older patients.
Post-Op Knee Surgery: Should You Stay or Go?
Having to spend more time in a hospital after surgery can be an extra burden — both emotionally and financially. Some patients might do just as well recovering at home.
How Weight Loss Surgery Could Save Patients Money
Due for a joint replacement soon? Weight loss surgery first could save you money and improve the results of your joint replacement.
Knee Replacement Patients Prefer Pain Relief Option
Some patients have their knees replaced to relieve pain, but how do they stop the pain from the surgery? A newer pain control option may reduce the pain and improve recovery. 
Staying at Home for Knee Rehab
After a knee replacement, there's no place like home for your physical therapy — or at least home may be just as good a place as a clinic to do your exercises.
Prehabilitation Could Help Knee and Hip Replacement Patients Recover
With the number of total knee and hip replacements on the rise, doctors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of care needed after surgery. Prehabilitation (physical therapy before surgery) could help patients recover faster and save money.
New Joint Implants Had No Proven Benefit Over Older Ones
Newer technology may not always be the best choice for patients deciding on a joint implant.
Partial Knee Replacement Seemed Safer but Failed More Than Total Replacement
Total knee replacement surgery is one of the more common operations performed in hospitals today. It’s not the only option, however, for a bum knee- nor is it the safest.