Health News

Boosting Blood Cancer Survival
Lymphomas are blood cancers that start in the cells of the immune system. Burkitt’s lymphoma is a particularly aggressive form of the disease. New research may have discovered a better way to treat it.
Doxil Generic Approved to Address Cancer Rx Shortage
Chemotherapy agents have been the hardest hit medications affected by ongoing drug shortages. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic form of a commonly used medicine in an effort to resolve one shortage.
Cancer Gone in 60 Seconds
Now this is amazing! An international team of researchers has found a way to watch in real time the assassination of cancer. In about a minute, they could literally see liver tumors shrink. How cool is that?
Can We Protect the Heart from Chemo?
Adriamycin ( doxorubicin ) can be a good chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. But, for some women, it can lead to heart damage. A recent study found a way to predict who is at risk.
The Heart Breaking Chemotherapy Connection
Chemotherapy can be heartbreaking. Literally. A drug that has been used for half a century to treat a broad array of tumors, also destroys heart tissue. Why this happens is finally becoming clear.
Two Too Hard On Soft-Tissue Cancers
Cancers that appear in the soft tissues of the body are very rare. In fact, they are seen in only about 5 people out of every 100,000. A recent study looked at the best way to treat this cancer.
Billionths of a Meter Cancer Drugs
Nanomedicine is the latest answer to the ancient dilemma of finding the best way to deliver a drug. Skipping the stomach with intravenous drugs is one shortcut, but getting a drug from the bloodstream into a cell is even more complicated.