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Hot Boxing with Tobacco is Poisonous
Think rolling down the windows or turning on the air to circulate will help cut down on the health risks for kids from smoking in the car? Think again, the air quality is truly toxic.
Want To Live 10 Years Longer?
It’s no secret that smoking is bad for a person’s health. But what are the real risks? Keep reading for the exact odds of smoking-related health problems in over a million women.
Less Smoke, Less Death
Lighting up in a restaurant or a bar affects more than your own lungs. The secondhand smoke is inhaled by those around you as well — unless you live in an area with smoke-free legislation.
In the Cancer Game Quitters Are Winners
Why bother quitting smoking if you already have lung cancer? A recent report claims that patients can benefit from stopping even in the later stages of the disease.
Quit One for the Team
Would you quit one of your bad habits for $50? What if all of your colleagues got $50 too? Now the pressure is on!
Should Tobacco Taxes Fund Quitting?
High taxes on tobacco products have prompted a lot of people to quit smoking, but it’s missed the mark among low-income households. Looks like this tax revenue should fund cessation efforts to reduce health costs.
Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Work
There’s no beating around the bush; smoking has serious health consequences. And the more people are faced with ads displaying them, the more likely they are to quit.
What Are You Smoking?
Think you’re just smoking tobacco in that cigarette? Think again. Cigarettes contain some pretty toxic chemicals, no matter what the label says.
Cold Turkey After Birth
Quitting smoking during pregnancy is thankfully becoming more common. But a lot of new moms go back to smoking within a year of giving birth. This is still dangerous for the baby!
R-Rating For Smoking?
Movie ratings help people make informed decisions about exposing minors to language, violence, sex and other adult themes. What about smoking?