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Take Care After Brain Bleed
Living through a brain bleed may provide a second chance to quit smoking. Kicking the habit and taking care of blood pressure and cholesterol can help keep these patients alive.
You Can’t Quit Too Soon
There’s no time like the present to quit smoking. The longer a person waits to quit, the greater the health risks and the harder it is to quit, especially for cancer patients.
Quit Now, Enjoy an Extra Decade
How about an extra 10 years of life for free? The body can repair a lot of smoking damage, but only if a smoker quits. Kicking the habit changes lives.
50-Year Trends in Smoking Related Deaths
Too many people have died from smoking-related illnesses in the past 50 years. But there is good news: quitting smoking starts the healing process and immediately begins to reduce the risks of smoking-related disease.
Kids Get a Breath of Smoke-Free Air
Asthma attacks are serious problems, especially in children. Why aggravate asthma attacks that lead to hospital visits by exposing kids to smoke?
Got HIV? Higher Pneumonia Risk With Smoking
Smoking is unhealthy for the healthiest of people. But for people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), smoking is even worse. Want to stay healthy with HIV? Quit smoking now.
Graphic Image Tobacco Warnings
There’s nothing like a nasty picture of a diseased lung to make smoking seem gross. Regardless of race, ethnicity, wealth, poverty or education level, pictures get the message across.
Quit Smoking, Your Kid Can’t Breathe
Kids hospitalized for respiratory problems often live in homes where adults smoke. Can healthcare professionals make a difference by talking to parents about secondhand smoke?
Teens Want Smoke-Free Air
Attitudes towards smoking have changed drastically over the past 50 years. Even smoking teenagers are in support of smoke-free policies these days.
Smoking Costs Companies
Quitting smoking doesn’t just save lives; it saves money for employees and employers. This is yet another reason to quit smoking today.