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Graphic Image Tobacco Warnings
There’s nothing like a nasty picture of a diseased lung to make smoking seem gross. Regardless of race, ethnicity, wealth, poverty or education level, pictures get the message across.
Quit Smoking, Your Kid Can’t Breathe
Kids hospitalized for respiratory problems often live in homes where adults smoke. Can healthcare professionals make a difference by talking to parents about secondhand smoke?
Teens Want Smoke-Free Air
Attitudes towards smoking have changed drastically over the past 50 years. Even smoking teenagers are in support of smoke-free policies these days.
Smoking Costs Companies
Quitting smoking doesn’t just save lives; it saves money for employees and employers. This is yet another reason to quit smoking today.
Breathe Easy, At Least On-Campus
Smoking affects everyone in the vicinity. So, when clusters of students and teachers light up after class, everyone on campus has to put up with secondhand smoke. Is that fair?
Smoking Hurts Bypass Odds
There are a lot of reasons to quit smoking. Improved outcomes in bypass surgery is one of them. Quit now and be healthier sooner and later.
Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick
Every year people make New Year’s resolutions, and every year it’s a battle to stick with them. Plan ahead, set up a support network and use good coping tactics to stay the course.
HIV Positive? Quit Smoking!
Smoking is bad for everyone, but for people with compromised immune systems like HIV patients—it’s even worse. Smoking cessation can improve HIV treatment plans.
Quitters can Fight Off Weight Gain
Fear of weight gain is a common excuse given by many people as a reason why they don't want to quit smoking. But quitting smoking is vital for a healthy future. Maybe a drug used for alcoholism treatment can help?
Back Pain? Quit Smoking Now
Nicotine doesn’t help pain—it actually makes it worse. Patients with spinal disorders, who quit smoking during treatment, reported less back pain after quitting.