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Tobacco is a Global Killer
It would seem that the dangers associated with tobacco use would be evident all around the world. New research shows that the message isn't as clear in all countries.  
Is Quitting Harder for Women?
Previous claims that women have a tougher time quitting smoking may not be true. It is possible that men and women have trouble with different aspects of quitting smoking.
Using Tobacco: One Way or Another
Cigarette prices jumped and cigarette smoking declined. This did not mean people were using less tobacco products though. Cigar and pipe tobacco sales have skyrocketed.
Weight Gain After Quitting
Not everyone gains weight when they quit smoking but, unfortunately, about 84 percent do. Making the effort to not overeat for the first few months after quitting could help.
Hookah Goes to College
Nearly a quarter of college freshman girls smoke hookahs. Alcohol and marijuana use were common predictors of hookah smoking, as well.
Childhood Abuse & Adult Smoking
Researchers have found a link between childhood trauma in girls and becoming a smoker later in life.  The same link could not be found with male smokers.
Jamming the Lung Cancer Revolving Door
One of the unfortunate aspects of lung cancer is that it tends to have a high rate of recurrence. It can be treated successfully only to return, and that return often comes far too soon.
Quitting Smoking Priorities for Veterans
Veterans with a physical illness or injury are more likely to be told, ‘it’s time to quit smoking,’ than veterans with mental health disorders. All veterans need help to quit smoking. 
No Delay, Quit Today!
1-800-QUIT-NOW can link any caller in the United States to their toll-free state quitline . A 12-week ad campaign helped around half a million people try and quit smoking.
Anti-Smoking Labels Work
Since 1985, the text-only Surgeon General warning has been on the side of every single cigarette pack sold in the United States.