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Few Have Ideal Heart Health
The American Heart Association has established standards for ideal heart health, including maintaining a healthy weight, managing blood pressure and cholesterol, and giving up smoking.
Hookahs Are Trouble Too
Bouncing off the water makes tobacco smoke safe, right? Absolutely not! College kids are picking up hookahs instead of cigarettes. They don’t know hookahs are just as bad.
Teens Crave Cigarettes Too
Most smokers start before they turn 18. It’s important to get teenagers to quit smoking, but they feel craving for tobacco just like adults. Treatment plans must account for that.
Anti-Smoking Needs Constant Campaigns
Smoking habits or the lack thereof can be linked to anti-smoking campaigns. Tough economic times can slash prevention budgets. The fallout—a spike in smoking related health issues.
Myth Busters: Skinny Smokers
There’s this myth out there that smoking helps keep the weight off. But recent science may have just proved that myth completely wrong.
Online Communities for Quitting
Quitting smoking is tough work. Engaging in an online community may help people change their smoking habits.
Smoker Vs. Never-Smoker Lung Cancer
Lung cancer patients who never smoked may be treated differently in the future than those who have smoked. That’s because smoking changes a person’s genes – a lot.
All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
Smoking makes people smell bad. Who could get away with such a gross habit? The popular kids in high school may set a bad example for everyone else that smoking is cool.
Water Pipes Not Easier on Lungs
Thinking that smoking from a hookah or a water pipe is better on the body is based on myth. Tobacco smoke is tobacco smoke—any way you smoke it.
To Smoke or To Dip?
Which is more addictive - smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco? Tobacco may be able to hook users one way or the other.