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Weight Gain Vs. Continued Smoking
Among smokers, a common reason to not quit is the fear of gaining weight. While weight gain is a serious concern, continuing to smoke is a greater concern.
More People Using Electronic Cigs
Replacing a traditional cigarette with an electronic cigarette may seem like a step in the right direction. But the long-term health consequences of electronic cigarettes are still unknown.
Smoking is A Global Epidemic
Tobacco-related illness has become a global issue. Nations are getting together and sharing ideas on how to reduce global tobacco consumption and, as a result, save millions of lives.
Fewer Smokers… With a Few Exceptions
Americans are smoking less than they did in the early 1990s, thanks to a number of efforts. But there are still quite a few smokers among certain groups in the US.
Dr. Koop – Former Surgeon General – Has Died
He’s probably the most famous Surgeon General who ever served this country. Dr. C. Everett Koop has died at the age of 96. The cause of his death is unknown.
Smoke-Free Air Helps Prevent Preemies
Cigarette smoke and unborn babies don’t mix. Pregnant moms may be able to control secondhand smoke exposure at home. But in public places, smoking bans are the only protection.
Cali’s Tobacco Program Works
Smoking cessation programs aren’t cheap, but are they worth the investment? The answer is—absolutely. The years of health gained are worth far more than the cost of getting people to quit.
Mentally Ill More Likely to Smoke
Too many people in America still smoke. People with mental illness may be more likely to smoke and to smoke more cigarettes per month than people without mental illness.
Smoking & Blood Flow Don’t Mix
Doctors don’t give advice for fun—they give it for the patient’s health. So when a doctor advises a patient to quit smoking, it’s to help save his or her life.
Craving a Cigarette? Avoid the Booze
When it’s time to quit smoking, it’s time to eliminate as much temptation as possible. The first week is key to successfully quitting, and avoiding alcohol may really help.