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Smoking Aids Do Help Quitting
Not everyone is able to quit smoking cold turkey, and that’s okay. There are several available types of quit smoking aids that have been proven to work over the years.
Kick-Off of National Quit Campaign
Quitting smoking is no easy task. New efforts from the CDC and major physicians groups have been striving to help empower smokers to quit once and for all.
There's No Smoking in Here
Being exposed to secondhand smoke is a known health hazard. Many people lay down no-smoking rules in their homes and cars, but too many people still have not adopted this personal policy.
Next Gen Troubles from Smoking Moms
Smoking is a known health hazard for pregnancies. But being exposed to smoke in utero may follow a baby girl into her own pregnancy when she grows up.
Many Teens Still Dipping
Teens have been smoking less in recent years, which is great. But overall, the use of smokeless tobacco has remained steady for over a decade.
Smoking Could Hurt Your Kid's Heart
Secondhand smoke exposure during childhood may change cholesterol levels in a way that could increase the risk for heart disease later in life. That risk may not be the same for both genders.
The Anti-Smoking Program That Works
The health community has been striving to lower smoking rates for decades. The good news is that prevention programs have worked, some better than others.
Dangers of Smoking After Surgery
After surgery, the body needs to focus on healing. Smoking may interfere with this healing process. People who smoke after surgery could be putting their bodies at serious risk for complications.
The Drag Towards Rheumatoid Arthritis
Some women find it cool just to hold a cigarette. But smoking them could be tied to pain in those hands and in other joints later on.
Swap Smokes for Healthier Teeth & Gums
A good time to promote oral hygiene may pop up when a person is ready to quit smoking. Tobacco counselors can prompt their patients: out with the smoking, in with the flossing and brushing.