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Staying Smoke-Free
Low-cost treatment and support programs can help people quit smoking. Such programs may even help psychiatric patients quit long-term and avoid returning to the hospital.
Double the Cancer Behind the Smoke
Smoking is known to increase the risk of cancer. Do smokers who survive their first cancer have to worry about developing another cancer?
Smoking Ban at Casinos Lowers Health Gamble
When it comes to heart and lung health, Colorado gamblers may have hit the jackpot. Since the ban on smoking in casinos in the state, ambulance calls in one county have dropped.
Smoke-Free Doesn’t Kill Appetites
When you’re hungry, you may want to inhale a meal but not secondhand smoke. State laws prohibiting smoking in restaurants are delivering health benefits and not eating away at business.
Taking the Appeal Out of Cigarette Packages
Consumers are told not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it’s hard not to. For cigarette smokers, the way the package is designed does seem to have an impact on its appeal.
Medical Help to Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Some medical treatments have been shown to help.
Smoking Loses Ground Among Teens
When it comes to smoking, teens have been making better choices recently than in years past. Since most smokers start when they’re teens, this decline points to healthy futures.
Got to Quit to Live Longer
When it comes to food and alcohol the phrase "everything in moderation" may apply. But when it comes to smoking, simply cutting back may not be enough. 
A Safer Heart After Kicking the Habit
Breaking the tobacco habit is a sensible goal of many smokers. Meeting that target has clear payoffs. For some, including older women, it also may raise concerns about weight gain.
Verdict on E-Cigs Still Out
Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult. There may be a slight possibility that an electronic cigarette could help smokers wean off the habit, but long-term risks are still unknown.