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Secondhand Smoke on the Clock
When a worker smokes while on the clock, their fellow employees are also exposed to harmful cigarette smoke. Authors of a new study wanted to explore if a workplace ban on smoking had reduced secondhand exposure to smoke while on the job.
Worse Spondylitis May Be New Reason to Kick the Habit
There are many reasons to quit smoking, and people with ankylosing spondylitis can add another to the list.
Tobacco Flavors Keep Teens Smoking
Flavored tobacco products may mislead teens about the harms of smoking. By masking the harshness of tobacco, minors might not understand that the risks are still the same.
Smoke-Free Homes Discouraged Smoking Overall
Smoking rates have dropped over the years partly due to no-smoking laws inside certain buildings. Smoking rates may drop further if people outlawed smoking in their homes too.
Smoking Might Be Worse Than Thought
Smoking is unhealthy — no doubt about it. And new research is suggesting that the habit might be even worse than previously thought.
Social Sites Support Quitting Smokers
Quitting smoking is a challenge for most people. But getting involved with a smoking cessation group online may help support folks as they try to kick the habit.
Soothing Cigarette Habit Hard to Break
Many smokers will say that their habit soothes them, even if they are trying to quit. Depression is one problem from which some smokers are seeking relief.
Electronic Cigarettes or the Patch?
Electronic cigarettes have become very popular lately. But will they help you quit smoking?
Thousands of Americans Kicking the Habit
Quitting smoking can be one of the best decisions a person can make, but convincing someone to kick the habit can be hard. A national campaign has figured out some new ways to approach the problem.
Fewer Heart Attacks After Kicking the Habit
Smoking is hard on a person’s heart. Fortunately, quitting smoking can help people live longer, heart-healthier lives.