Health News

Humpty Dumpty Might Have Been Stressed
Individuals' mental health can affect their physical health in ways they might not even realize. Even a person's risk of an accident may be related to mental health.
Money Woes Strain IQ
Worries about money can create a unique type of exhausting stress. Thinking and reasoning may become slower and more inaccurate as a result of budgetary concerns.
The Soothing Power of Music in the ER
A visit to the emergency room can be stressful for kids and parents. If a kid is about to get stuck with a needle, music may make everyone in the emergency room a little more comfortable.
Stress Makes for a Fragile Ticker
The heart is a tough muscle, but stress can take a real toll. After years of stress, that tough muscle may become more vulnerable to disease or heart attack.
Mindfulness in Schools
Teaching kids how to cope with the everyday stress of school and life may promote emotional well-being. Mindfulness coping strategies may also work to reduce depression.
Health Suffers When Money is Tight
Most individuals want to practice healthy behaviors, but everyday situations sometimes make that hard. So, how does an economic downturn like the 2008 recession affect people's behaviors?
Unexplained Aches and Pains of Stress
Feeling a lot of stress day after day can take its toll over the years. Even without specific health conditions, excessive mental stress may be linked to unexplained aches and pains.
Work Stress May Hinder Healthy Habits
People with stressful jobs may want to hit happy hour pretty hard, while less stressed workers may choose healthier options. Employers could help promote healthy habits.
Fish Oil: Possible Stress Soother
The health benefits of fish oil have been unclear in the past. But it may be possible that fish oil simply promotes good blood flow in the face of mental stressors.
Antidepressant Eases Stressed Hearts
If your coronary arteries have a blockage, blood flow to the heart decreases, potentially causing damage. A common depression medication may help the condition.