Health News

Stress Tied to Heart Inflammation
Individuals exposed to a higher number of stressful traumatic events in their lives may be more likely to suffer higher levels of cardiovascular inflammation later in life.
If You Don't Snooze, You Lose
If you're not getting enough good quality sleep, it's not just your energy that might be lagging. Your immune system likely isn't holding up well to stress either.
Sleeping Like a Baby - When You're 80
Getting older doesn't necessarily mean sleeping worse. In fact, folks in their 80s report having the best sleep - better than those in their 20s and 30s .
Bullying Cases Increase Thoughts of Suicide
When you get a call home that your child has been involved in a bullying case—as the bully or the bullied—addressing and correcting the issues could prevent future psychological distress.
Stress Makes Us Optimistic
If you know you need to weigh your options before making an upcoming decision, the best time to do so is when you’re feeling stress-free.
Treadmills Handle the Rat Race
If you feel like you're your thoughts are caught in a hamster wheel, it may be time to hop on a pair of real wheels - and use physical exercise to stave off burnout.
Fear of Losing job Leads to Poorer Performance
A recently published study by The Spanish Journal of Psychology suggests that the more a person fears they will lose their job, the worse they will perform. But, as the study suggests, not all working groups react equally to the same fear.
Stress Makes You Age Faster
Stress has many effects on the human body. Some are immediate, other effects are hidden and have lasting implications. But just how unhealthy is stress? A new study suggests that it can actually make you age faster.
One Cure for Crankiness: Drink Water
If you're waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking water, then you're waiting too long. And without proper hydration, you're likely to feel moody, anxious and unable to concentrate.
Reduce Stress! Enjoy Green Spaces
Are you stressed out? Excess amounts of stress cause hormonal imbalances in the body and can lead to other health problems. If you are dealing with stress - natural ‘green’ spaces could help.