Health News

Achy Breaky Heart: The Story of Stress
Coronary Artery Disease is a major cause of death in the U.S., affecting many more men than women. Stress has been linked to increased heart disease in women, but not men. New information may tell us why.
New Migraine Guidelines Stress Prevention
Many patients suffering from chronic migraines may be eligible to take preventative medications, yet few take them. New guidelines for treating migraines stress using available therapies to prevent such attacks.
Husbands of Breast Cancer
Men taking care of their wives during breast cancer treatment undergo a significant amount of stress and anxiety. In fact, it could cause men’s health to decline - even years after the completion of cancer treatment.
Was That an Earthquake?
Natural disasters can strike at any time - and it is best to be prepared. But how effective are such plans, really? Do they actually save lives? A new report says yes - they do.
Stress Induced Seizures: Not Epilepsy
Some people diagnosed with epilepsy may have been misdiagnosed, say researchers. Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures ( PNES ), may display similar symptoms but it is not the result of erratic signals in the brain.
Stress, Inflammation and Cancer
Stress goes by many names, but on a cellular level that name is inflammation. A number of biological activities can cause inflammation, so can the stresses of unhealthy lifestyles.
A Stressed Person is a Sick Person
It has long been known that stress can wreak havoc on your health, that you can literally worry yourself sick. The reasons for this phenomenon are becoming more clear.
Meditate the Pain Away
Those with hectic or stressful jobs may find themselves overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, or stress. Now, scientists are measuring the possible mental health benefits of secular meditation programs.
Stress and Obesity - a Linked Pair
When people are stressed, the body changes the way it controls energy for the brain. New research shows that people who are obese may have different stress reactions than normal weight people. 
Dog Day Afternoon - at Work
If you're feeling dog-tired at your dog-eat-dog workplace, consider asking the top dog for a special kind of stress relief - permission to bring your pet dog to work with you.