Health News

Mood and Anxiety Disorders May Trigger Opioid Abuse
Many people suffering from depression or other mental health issues may turn to alcohol to ease their pain before seeking professional help. New research confirms that these patients are at an increased risk to use opioid drugs as well.
A Biological Mark for Depression
Depression affects millions of people in the United States, and as soldiers overseas head back to their native shores, it rears its ugly head towards many of them as well.
The Indebted Truth
In the midst of the current economic problems in the United States, the stress of debt affects millions of people. Researchers show that mental health and debt can be a vicious cycle.
To Work or Not to Work, Mom?
New mothers trying to decide whether to work or stay home with their children may find they actually can get the best of both worlds when they work part-time, according to a ten-year study.
Working Part-time is Best
Although some find the ability to stay at home with their kids a luxury, a new study suggests it may take a toll on the well-being of some.
A DNA Check-Up Before Therapy
This is an exciting time when questions of the past become exposed. Many parents always wondered why one child may respond better to communication than others, and researchers are beginning to uncover fascinating discoveries.
Multitasking Makes Mom More Stressed
Gender equality has evened out drastically over the past century, although sociologists explain balance is still needed, especially in dual-earning homes. 
A Mindful Test
Can you spot the intricacies differentiating identical twins? Or hear the sounds of the wind whistling between a concert and conversation you’re involved in? If not, mindfulness training can help.
Slow and Steady Doesn't Always Win the Race
In a childhood fable about the tortoise and the hare, children learn that patience and precision show better results than spontaneous speed and agility, yielding the phrase "slow and steady wins the race."
Sad Moms, Short Kids
Childhood growth has long been a good indicator of a child's health and nutritional status. New research shows that these factors may also be influenced by a mother's mental health.