Health News

Most Young Teens Getting Daily Screen Time
Technology is a powerful tool, but some experts say today's youth may devote too much time to sedentary technology use. A new study measured how much time young teens actually spend in front of a screen.
Staying Active May Lower Alzheimer's Risk
Alzheimer’s disease and the memory loss and behavioral changes that come with it can take a major toll on patients and their families. Unfortunately, the number of Alzheimer's cases continues to rise with the growing elderly population.
A Fun Workout for Fewer Calories
Work hard, get a reward. It’s a simple mindset that in many cases is hardwired into peoples’ brains. But that reward system may not always be a benefit to one's health.
The Importance of Physical Activity in Fresh Air for Youths
Children and teens are spending less time participating in physical activities and more time indoors in front of screens. New research shows what getting some fresh air can do for young people's health.
Not Too Late for Young Adults to Lower Heart Disease Risk
Healthy living is marked by things like not smoking or drinking too much, eating right and exercising. If you haven't done those things by young adulthood, has the damage already been done?
Exercise May Trump Diet in Obesity Battle
Exercise and diet both play a role in physical fitness, but does one trump the other? Perhaps so, according to the researchers behind a long-term study of obesity.
COPD Linked to Belly Fat and Being Underweight
Being obese can increase the risk for numerous health problems. Being underweight isn't healthy either; it may even raise the risk for chronic lung disease.
Combined Exercises May Be Best for Type 2 Diabetes
Exercise is good for everyone, including those with diabetes. But what is the best type of exercise to help control the blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes?
Walking Off Symptoms of Parkinson’s
Even simple forms of exercise can strengthen the body and mind. People with Parkinson’s disease may be among those who can benefit from a no-frills regimen of walking.
Losing Weight for Better Sleep
Being overweight can have a wide range of effects on people's overall health, both mental and physical. And n umerous studies have shown that increased weight is associated with a decrease in sleep at night.