Health News

HPV Vaccine: Maybe Not Just for Girls
Girls may receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to help prevent later cervical cancer. In boys, the vaccine may be important in protecting against another rapidly growing cancer threat.
Green Day's Jason White Has Tonsil Cancer
Jason White, longtime touring guitarist for pop punk band Green Day, has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Luckily, the cancer is treatable, and his doctors expect a "full and speedy recovery."
Mouth Irritants May Promote Oral Cancer
Alcohol and smoking are known risk factors for cancer of the mouth. Now, new research suggests that mouth irritants like dentures or sharp teeth may share some of the blame.
Researchers Find Possible Link Between Tobacco and Oral HPV
Smoking has been tied to health issues of all types. Now, smokers might have another reason to kick the habit — oral human papillomavirus (HPV).
Diabetes Patients May Face Higher Risk of Head, Neck Cancers
Diabetes is known to increase many health risks like heart disease and obesity. But new research suggests the condition may also be linked to head and neck cancers.
HPV Shot Not Linked to Blood Clots
One of the few vaccines that can actually protect against cancer is the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which prevents four strains of HPV. But some parents have expressed concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccine.
HPV-Positive Throat Cancer Patients Lived Longer
Human papilloma virus (HPV) causes most head and neck cancers. For patients with these cancers, however, being HPV-positive may improve survival compared to being HPV-negative.
A Cancer Knowledge Gap
The best way to beat cancer is to prevent it from occurring in the first place, when possible. With head and neck cancers, there are several ways to reduce risk.
Oral HPV Risk No Higher in Partners of Oral Cancer Patients
HPV is perhaps most notorious for its link to cervical cancer, but it can also contribute to some kinds of oral cancer. A new study explored the spread of these conditions among partners.
New Treatment Could Ease Oral Cancer Pain
Patients with cancer already have treatment and healing to deal with, so ways to ease their excess pain are always being explored. A new study reveals promise of one new method to ease such pain.