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Advanced Radiotherapy Improved Head & Neck Cancer Survival
Traditional radiation treatments for head and neck cancers can cause some unpleasant side effects, including dry mouth and problems swallowing. Radiologists are looking for ways to reduce these side effects but maintain cancer fighting effectiveness.
Surgery as an Option for Tongue Cancer
Cancers of the tongue and mouth are among the most common cancers diagnosed by doctors. One new study looked at the effectiveness of several treatment options for these cancers.
Oral Cancer Screening Updates
Because tobacco use has been declining in the US over recent years, cancers found in the mouth have also been on the decline.
Throat Cancer Detests Smoking
The Epstein-Barr virus can cause a throat cancer that’s rare in this country, but more common in Asia. Another cause of this throat cancer is smoking, which seems to have a profound impact on survival.
Global Trends in Oral Cancers
It used to be that smoking and drinking alcohol were the biggest risk factors for cancers that develop in the mouth and throat. Those trends may be changing, according to a new study.
Intensifying Head and Neck Cancer Treatment
Giving chemotherapy at the same time as radiation therapy is called chemoradiation. It’s the standard of care for people who have head and neck cancers that have spread to nearby tissue. An analysis of previous studies has uncovered another option for these patients.
Blood Clots in Cancer Surgery Patients
One of the things doctors look for after surgery is the possibility of blood clots forming. Most cancer surgery patients have a high risk of blood clots. Head and neck cancer surgery patients were believed to be at low risk for blood clots. New research suggests otherwise.
Startling Cancer Trends Among Young People
Cancer is generally a disease of an aging population. Cancer risks typically start to increase around the age of 50. But recent trends signal an alarming jump in a certain type of cancer among people under the age of 45.
Superior Swallowing for Cancer Patients
You probably don’t think much about the simple function of swallowing your food. You do it naturally. However, head and neck cancer patients frequently have a lot of trouble swallowing during and after treatment. A recent study found a successful strategy for overcoming these problems.
Oral Health May be Linked to Oral Cancers
Cancers that show up in the mouth, tongue, throat and voice box have been increasing. A viral infection is behind some of this trend. Now, scientists have a better understanding of what may contribute to these infections.