Green Day's Jason White Has Tonsil Cancer

Tonsil cancer in Green Day guitarist Jason White diagnosed early

(RxWiki News) Jason White, longtime touring guitarist for pop punk band Green Day, has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Luckily, the cancer is treatable, and his doctors expect a "full and speedy recovery."

Green Day announced White's diagnosis Dec. 5 on the band's official site.

"We have some news to report regarding our brother Jason White, and wanted you to hear it from us before word spread," the band wrote in the statement. "Jason recently underwent a routine tonsillectomy, and his doctors discovered a treatable form of tonsil cancer. Thankfully they caught it early and he should make a full and speedy recovery. Please join us in sending him love and positive healing vibes during this time."

White's relationship with Green Day goes all the way back to the early '90s, according to Rolling Stone. At that time, he joined lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's side project Pinhead Gunpowder. But it wasn't until 1999 that White joined Green Day as the band's second guitarist on tour. White has been on all of the Green Day tours since then. In 2012, White became an official member of Green Day, getting album credit on 2012's three-album series, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!

Tonsil cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the tonsils, the oval-shaped pads in the back of the mouth that form part of the immune system. The cancer is diagnosed through a physical exam, imaging tests such as CT and MRI and removing a tissue sample for testing. Treatments may include any combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

If caught late, tonsil cancer can spread to nearby areas like the tongue and the lymph nodes. In White's case, however, it seems the cancer was diagnosed early, improving his chances for that "speedy recovery."


Review Date: 
December 9, 2014