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Which Hospitals are Better for Cancer Care?
Head and neck cancers include throat, tongue and mouth cancers. These tumors can show up anywhere in the oral cavity. Often detected after the cancer has already begun to spread, head and neck cancer treatment is a complex process. 
Esophageal Cancer Facts That Defy Logic
Patients who have esophageal cancer can also have what's known as multiple primary cancers (MPC). These cancers appear before or at the same time as the esophageal cancer.
How Heavy Coffee Drinking Impacts Cancer
Why just have one cup of coffee when you can drink far more of the almost-no-calorie wake-up drink? If you enjoy several morning – or evening – cups of Joe, your habit may improve your chances against certain cancers.
The Net Around Head and Neck Cancers
Cancer that occurs in linings of the mouth, throat and nose are called head and neck cancers. The incidence of these cancers is on the rise. People who smoke and drink are at high risk.
Spit Happens
Treating head and neck cancers often involves radiation therapy. These strong x-rays can damage the glands that make saliva, which in turn, causes dry mouth. A therapy is being developed that may help spit happen more easily.
Antidepressant Rinses Away Cancer Pain
Radiation therapy is used to treat head and neck cancers – particularly those that aren’t good candidates for surgery. While effective, this treatment usually leaves painful mouth sores that can take weeks to heal.
Acupuncture Relieves Chronic Dry Mouth
Imagine having your mouth so dry that you can't really taste food, chewing is difficult and even speaking and sleeping are affected. This is exactly what some people who've been treated with head and neck cancer go through - for years.
Dual Blockers Tackle Oral Cancer
Oral cancers are on the rise, due in part to the fact that the HPV virus is spreading its menace. A drug that’s being studied in phase 3 clinical trials may tackle the cancer before it gets started.
Nabbing Oral Cancer Before It Develops
Diagnosing cancer that occurs in the mouth – oral cancer – generally happens later rather than earlier. A biopsy is usually performed on already established tumors. Testing mouth lesions before cancer starts shouting would be ideal.
One Cancer is Enough
Children and young adult patients have really great chances against thyroid cancer. However, a common treatment may cause big problems down the road.