Health News

Oral Cancer Deaths Declining
Oral cancers are on the rise. This is due in large measure to infection with HPV (human papillomavirus). And while prevalence rates are increasing, there's some good news about this cancer.
Getting it Right the First Time
Oral cancers are on the rise, and yet accurately diagnosing the disease remains somewhat problematic. Researchers have found that two existing tests can be used to diagnose a particular type of this cancer.
Living Longer with Oral Cancer
Rarely seen in the United States, nasopharyngeal carcinoma appears mostly in Southern China and Southeast Asia. Medical researchers have found a new and better method of treating this disease that substantially improves survival.
HPV Vaccines now Recommended for Boys
Human papilloma virus (HPV) is no longer just a concern for girls and women. Boys and men are vulnerable to this virus that's known to cause a number of different cancers.
HPV-Related Oral Cancers Rising Dramatically
Oral cancers used to be associated with alcohol and tobacco use - particularly chewing tobacco and snuff. Not anymore. Studies show another practice is putting young men at particular risk for this form of cancer.
New Teeth in Oral Cancer Imaging
Advanced oral cancers frequently involve the jawbone. Up until now, though, assessing this involvement prior to surgery has been very difficult.
The Anti-Cancer Power of Turmeric
Turmeric, the yellow spice that contributes to the unique flavors of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines, has long been revered for its medicinal properties. Recent research shows its power in fighting cancer.
Advanced Treatment for Lymphoma
You learn you have a rare cancer located at the back of your throat. Traditional therapies might affect your ability to eat, speak and swallow. A new study shows advanced radiation therapy is effective in treating this type of cancer without harsh side effects.
Safer Way to Assess Cancer
For years, controversy has swelled around the safety of using a common technique to determine if head and neck melanoma has spread. A recently published study finds that sentinel node biopsies are both safe and useful.
Grotesque Doesn't Sell
Starting in the fall of 2012, cigarette packages will display graphic images along with health warnings in an effort to persuade smokers to kick the habit. A new study finds the new messaging will likely work.