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Most Damage, Most Gain in Knee Replacement
If you have knee osteoarthritis, you can take steps to prevent permanent damage. For those with the damage done, joint replacement surgery may relieve pain and boost knee function.
No Weight Loss After Joint Replacement
Hip and knee replacements can help arthritis patients get back on their feet and moving. With less pain and added mobility after surgery, one might expect patients to exercise more and shed pounds.
Nadal Out with Chronic Knee Injury
Tennis elbow, the typical culprit that plagues serious players, is not to blame in Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from the US Open, which starts today.
Diabetes Ups Risk After Joint Surgery
A hip or knee replacement may rid you of your arthritis pain. But you may also run the risk of infection after surgery.
Falling After a Joint Replacement
After having a total hip or knee replacement, you're looking forward to a new and better life. But a having a fall during your period of hospital recovery can really set you back.
New Knees May Lead to Blood Clots
Joint replacement surgery might seem fairly routine in today's on-demand health care system. The added risk for blood clots in the lungs following knee operations can add an extra complication.
Singing is Soothing
Before performing knee replacement surgery, doctors had to get the patient's blood pressure under control. A 76-year-old woman did not respond to the usual drug treatments. However, after she sang a few religious songs, her blood pressure dropped dramatically.
A Joint Venture
A team of researchers at the University of Missouri have successfully regenerated complete shoulder joint surfaces using a patient’s own cells.