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Many Knee Replacements May Be Unnecessary
For some patients with arthritis, knee replacement may eventually seem like the only option for treating their pain. But a new study suggests this treatment may not always be appropriate.
Knee and Hip Replacement Patients Getting Younger
The impact of being overweight has far reaching health implications — implications that may be taking a toll at an earlier age.
When Patients Can Drive After Hip Replacement
After hip replacement surgery, patients likely want to resume normal activities like driving. The preliminary results of a new study suggest they may be able to do just that.
Infection a Major Reason for Revision Knee Replacement
The hope is always that surgery will be the end-of-the-line answer to a health issue, but that ideal is not always the reality. After knee replacement, a revision surgery is sometimes needed.
Hormone Therapy May Protect Joint Replacements
Knee and hip replacement surgeries are becoming more common as the population ages. Thus, there is a greater need to ensure these replaced joints don't fail.
Shoulder Surgery Helped Relieve Arthritis Pain
Rheumatoid arthritis is a common cause of chronic shoulder pain but a new study shows that surgery may be the best treatment option for many people.
Risk Factors for Complications After Knee Replacement
While knee replacement surgery can help to improve mobility, there can be complications connected to this procedure. And some patients may be at a higher risk for experiencing these complications than others.
How OA Patients Recover From Total Hip Replacement
Although total hip replacement is often an effective treatment option for osteoarthritis, some factors may affect how well patients recover from the surgery.
Falls Most Likely Right After Replacement Surgery
For elderly patients who get a hip or knee replacement, falls may be most likely to occur right after surgery.
Exercise Reduced Need for Hip Replacement
All surgery has risks, and a total hip replacement is no exception. Researchers may have found a way for some people with hip pain to avoid or delay the need for this surgery.