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Healthier Hearts After Joint Surgery
For patients with arthritis, joint replacement surgery could mean more than relief from pain and stiffness. It might protect against heart disease too.
Healing and Surviving After Knee and Hip Replacements
For some people with aching bones and joints, knee or hip replacement surgery may be a treatment option. But pre-existing conditions may affect how a patient responds to surgery.
Lack of Social Ties Linked to Pain after Hip Replacement
If you're a social butterfly, it may do you some good if you're about to undergo hip replacement surgery.
ACL Surgery - Worth the Price?
Pain and cost are two big concerns when people think about knee surgery for a torn knee ligament. Is surgery worth the high cost or can physical therapy help?
Strategies for Surviving Hip Replacement
Total hip replacement is a major surgery that sometimes requires a long recovery. In rare cases, patients die soon after the surgery. However, there may be ways to lower that risk.
Knee Surgery Good for the Greater Good
Patients usually see a big difference in quality of life after knee surgery, but the procedure does not come cheaply. An average knee replacement surgery costs around $20,000.
The Kind of Arthritis Matters in Surgery
Arthritis is painful, no matter the cause. If hip surgery is needed, though, patients with one kind of arthritis could benefit longer down the line compared to patients with the other kind of arthritis.
Good Old Aspirin Can Do the Trick
Successful recovery after hip replacement surgery depends on good medical care to avoid problems such as infection and blood clots. There are prescription medications to prevent blood clots, but a common over-the-counter pill may be as good a choice.
High Body Weight, More Joint Surgery
Osteoarthritis, known as “wear and tear” arthritis, affects more than 20 million people in the US. Avoiding undue stress on your joints early on makes a huge difference in old age.   
MRI Can Spot Hip Resurfacing Inflammation
Many surgeons today choose hip resurfacing over total hip replacement since it offers several advantages including higher patient satisfaction and better cost-effectiveness.