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More Pain, More to Gain from New Joints
With the aging population of baby boomers, the number of joint replacement procedures is rising steadily. But the risks and benefits of surgery might not be the same for every patient.
Anesthesia's Impact After Joint Surgery
If you're about to get a hip or knee replacement, you're going to need anesthesia to numb the pain during surgery. There are different types of anesthesia to choose from. So which one leads to the best outcomes?
No Time to Hesitate Before Hip Surgery
Older adults who take a bad fall or blow to the hip might need to act quickly. If the hip's fractured, there's no time to delay.
Who's Happy with Knee Surgery?
While less than 5 percent of knee implant recipients go back under the knife for adjustments, certain patients are more unhappy with the results than others.
Back to Work With a New Knee
Pain in the knees might make it difficult to work, especially if the job is labor intensive. Most patients who opt for surgery to get a new knee can certainly go back to the work.
The Knee Needs of Girls
Women considering a new knee have a choice: a standard knee replacement designed for either gender or a knee that's made just for the ladies. 
Not So Happy With the New Knee
One major consideration when undergoing knee replacement surgery is whether the new knee will actually be an improvement over the original knee.
Explaining the Pain in Hip Replacement
Hip replacements are meant to give patients improved mobility and pain relief. But sometimes, hip replacement patients have post-surgery pain that doctors cannot explain. New research may offer an explanation.
Quit Smoking and Enjoy That New Hip
Total hip replacement and smoking cigarettes just don’t mix. That's because smoking can cramp the healing process. Even quitting just before surgery is better than not quitting at all.
Joint Connection After Surgery
Osteoarthritis in the knee or hip can make intimacy difficult between couples. Surgery to replace painful joints could help.