Health News

Untreated Sleep Apnea Has Risks
The link between obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure has been known among doctors for a while. But it may be a stronger link than most realize.
Hypertension Rates Were Higher in Adults With Disabilities
High blood pressure is a common condition, and new research suggests that it may be even more common among adults with disabilities.
Jobs May Affect Heart Health
Factors like diet and exercise affect cardiovascular health. But where you work might also affect heart health.
Global Sodium Intake Exceeded Recommendations
Salt is a pantry staple and an ingredient present in many recipes. But too much of the seasoning can lead to high blood pressure and the potential for other serious heart conditions.
Heart Disease Risk Factors May Affect Certain Groups More
Heart disease is the leading cause of death and disease in the United States. And some people may be more at risk than others — even if they have the same symptoms.
Too Much Exercise May Be a Bad Thing
Cardiovascular exercise like running or walking has a number of health benefits. But too much exercise may be unhealthy, especially after a heart attack.
Ideal Treated Blood Pressure: Not Too High, Not Too Low
Many people worry about having high blood pressure, especially if high blood pressure runs in the family. But low blood pressure may also be unsafe.
High Blood Pressure May Predict Mental Decline
High blood pressure is associated with serious medical issues like heart disease and stroke. But it may also affect mental clarity later in life.
Lower Blood Pressure May Not Mean Lower Risk
The increased risk of heart problems in patients with elevated blood pressure is well-established. But lower blood pressure may not decrease the risk of stroke, heart attack and other complications.
Blood Pressure May Decrease With Probiotic Consumption
People with high blood pressure are often told to lower their sodium intake and to exercise to lower their blood pressure. New research suggests that yogurt may also be a heart-healthy way to reduce high blood pressure.