Health News

Pulmonary Hypertension Deaths on the Rise
Heart disease takes many forms. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) looked at one particular form — pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) — by the numbers.
Football Players May Show Signs of Future Heart Troubles
We tend to think of football players as healthy and strong, but a new study suggests that they may be prone to future heart troubles.
New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Decrease Medication Use
Most physicians refer to well-established guidelines that dictate when to start treatment for high blood pressure. Even a small change in target blood pressure guidelines can have a significant effect on the way blood pressure treatment is considered.
Blood Pressure Rx Cuts Heart Attack, Death Rate
Diabetes increases the likelihood of having heart disease. While blood pressure medications may help reduce related risks, some therapies may be more effective than others.
Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains
Keeping blood pressure in check could reduce your risk for heart disease. But could it also help you stay sharp in midlife?
Blood Pressure Control Led to Fewer Second Strokes
High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for stroke. Yet new research suggests many people who've already had a stroke may need better blood pressure control.
Doctors May Raise Blood Pressure More Than Nurses
Do you want to get an accurate blood pressure reading? Then, new research suggests you may not want to have a doctor take that reading.
Blood Sugar Measure May Not Predict Heart Disease
High blood sugar readings have been tied to a greater risk for heart disease. While these blood sugar readings may signal risk of pre-diabetes or diabetes, they may not be a sign that heart disease waits ahead.
High Blood Pressure Undertreated in Hispanics
High blood pressure is a serious condition, but it can be managed in many patients. Unfortunately, it appears that not all US populations are getting the blood pressure treatment they need.
Slightly High Blood Pressure Increased Stroke Risk
While high blood pressure certainly raises stroke risk, prehypertension may also substantially up the odds of having a cardiovascular event.