Health News

Is ADHD Putting Young Women in Danger?
Did you know that ADHD affects people past childhood? For young women, the disorder could be potentially harmful.
Mindfulness and Autism
Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that can affect a person in many areas, including his or her mental health.
Don't Let Confusion Take Over
It may seem normal for elderly people to become confused or forgetful, but this is not usually just "normal aging." Severe confusion can be an indication of delirium.
You Can't Play!
If you have ever worked with children, you have probably witnessed an upsetting incident of a group of children excluding a peer.
Which Meditation Type is Right for You?
Meditation can take many forms, like prayer, yoga or mantras. It can have many health benefits, but which type of meditation is right for you?
Rest Easy, Parents with Baby Sleep Woes
Few things pierce a mother's heart like her baby's cry. This is why so many parents hesitate to use sleep training methods. But take heart — sleep-trained kids do just fine later on.
Is He Really Mr. Right?
Is it normal to have doubts before you get married, or could it be a sign of things to come?
Marriage Improves Lung Cancer
Scientists may have trouble proving it in a lab, but marital support helps cancer patients live longer. How can this be translated to help unmarried patients?
Beating Bullying
With the fall comes cooler weather, school supplies and the start of the school year for students. But sometimes with the new semester and new classes also comes new potential situations for bullying.
The Changing Brain of a Neglected Child
Child neglect is just as serious an issue as child abuse. It can lead to serious problems later with thinking, learning and social interaction. Scientists are starting to learn why.