Health News

When Kids Dread the Dentist
Fear of the dentist has been mocked in countless films and TV shows. However, it's a very real concern for many people – especially children. Being afraid of the dentist can lead to long-term problems with oral health.
Mediating the Effects of Child Abuse
Are there factors that can help protect victims of child abuse from developing issues as adults? New research says yes, and marriage and education may play a role.
Full Moon Madness
Healthcare professionals have held onto superstitions about the full moon increasing the risk of psychological problems in emergency rooms. Psychologists in Canada found the truth!
Pregnancy and Cocaine – A Bad Idea
It's challenging enough to raise headstrong toddlers. But toddlers and older kids whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy? Their behavior can be especially difficult.
Stressed Out? Does Your Doctor Know?
Stress may be a part of life, but it can get too intense and interfere with daily life and sleep. It can also contribute to medical conditions – but your doctor may not talk about it.
Be Happy, Be Rich, Someday
Does it seem like life would be easier if you were rich? Like all rich people are happier? What if it was the other way around? What if being happy is what made you rich? Of course, nothing is that simple.
Coffee, the Drink of Happy Words
Need another reason to refill your morning cup of joe? How about reading words faster and more accurately? A recent study found that a small amount of caffeine may enhance your ability to process words with positive connotations.
To Forgive is Divine
At the end of someone’s life, it may seem easier to try to focus on the good. But if unresolved issues are present, forgiveness can bring everyone some peace.
Being Thankful For Your Health
Thanksgiving means a happy day full of family, football and fun. It also usually means a day of binge eating buttery sides, sugary pies and more than a little holiday cheer in a glass. By approaching Thanksgiving, and the rest of the upcoming holiday season, with a mindful and healthful outlook, it is possible to enjoy the day without breaking the caloric bank.
Meditation in the Membranes
Meditation has been gaining popularity in the US recently. But many are still unsure if its benefits can be proven. Now brain scans have shown an impact from meditation training.