Health News

Do All Kids Act Like That?
Your toddler refuses to move. Every shopper can hear his screams, and your face burns as you struggle to pull him outside away from judgmental eyes. Is this really normal?
Give Your Brain a Break
" Buzzzzz !" A new text message. "Ding!" Another instant message. " Bloop !" A new email. And then you hear the music of your phone's ringtone. When does your brain ever get to rest?
Stressed? Meditation Changes Your Genes
Taking care of an aging loved one can be stressful. Also, caregivers often do not have extra time to concentrate on their own health. Meditation practices may help, and they take less time than you think.
Sexting: A Health Risk?
Teens and young adults have more access to technology than ever before. Sexting can have legal and social consequences, but could sexting behavior have health consequences too?
Is it Time for Therapy?
How do you know when someone you love, or you yourself, could use the help of a therapist? Often, people exhibit some warning signs that they are dealing with overwhelming feelings or circumstances.
Should You Try Online Mindfulness?
If stress and worry seem to consume your day to day life, you’ve probably considered therapy at some point. Yet for many, the cost of therapy is too much.
Computer Games for Grandma
Can people stay sharp well into old age? New computer games that give specific mental functions a good workout could help get older minds back in younger shape.
How to Stop an E-Bully
With the rise of technology use in young people comes the rise of e-bullying. Electronic bullying is a relatively new problem, but the number of cases is growing quickly.
Feeling Philanthropic?
The act of giving may be its own reward, but the benefits  don't end there. A recent study found that people who reflected on instances when they gave to others were more likely to be helpful, or give again.
Depressed Vets at Risk for Early Death
Although veterans are at risk for developing post-traumatic stress syndrome, they also should be aware for other mental health conditions, such as a depression.