Health News

Replacing Toothless Smiles Now Easier
Losing your baby teeth is fine. More teeth are coming in. But when you're older, you may not want a toothless smile.
From Mouth to Back: Gum Disease and AS
Many diseases are driven by inflammation, or the swelling of tissues and organs. Inflammation plays a part in both arthritis and gum disease. As such, there may be a link between arthritis and gum disease.
Control Diabetes and Say Cheese!
Diabetes can lead to other health problems throughout your body. Some of these problems, such as gum disease, are less well known than others. So we thought we'd give you a little overview on the relationship between diabetes and gum disease. 
Dental Health Can Be Tricky For Kids With Autism
Kids with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) may have difficulty with oral healthcare. ASD behaviors may influence how parents feel about their own ability to manage their child’s oral care.
Vitamin D for Pearly Whites?
Could soaking up some sun or otherwise getting a good dose of vitamin D help keep those pearly whites healthy?
Dentist Visit OK For Joint Implant Patients
There is a history of prescribing antibiotics to patients with hip and knee implants before they have any dental work done. There are concerns that this could help reduce the risk of bacteria entering the blood stream and affecting the implants. 
Dentists Help Children Sleep Better
Sleep-disordered breathing is often associated with excess body fat in adults. However, when these issues are present in children, they may have more to do with the dentist than the dietician.
Open Wide for American Diabetes Month
Even though American Diabetes Month has reached its end, it's never too late to raise awareness of this growing disease and its numerous complications, including oral health problems.
Brush Your Teeth or Face Erectile Dysfunction
Your smile could reveal that you have erection problems. Inflamed gums are a sign of gum disease. This condition can lead to heart disease, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED).
When Kids Dread the Dentist
Fear of the dentist has been mocked in countless films and TV shows. However, it's a very real concern for many people – especially children. Being afraid of the dentist can lead to long-term problems with oral health.