Health News

Common Side Effects of Antidepressants
Some of the most widely prescribed antidepressant medications are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Here’s a list of side effects associated with SSRIs.
Hard Facts About Soft Drinks
Soft drinks are extremely popular beverages among both children and adults in the US. They are far from healthy, however.
Does a Great Smile Reveal a Healthy Heart?
Your mouth may give clues to your overall health. Inflammation linked with gum disease, for example, may play a role in heart disease. Treating gum disease, however, may not lower heart risks.
A Healthy Mouth Didn't Help Control Diabetes
Could better dental health help with managing blood sugar and controlling diabetes?
Lowering Dental Visit Anxiety
Many people get a little anxious about seeing the dentist. But severe anxiety about the dentist may cause people to delay or stop dental care, which can lead to serious outcomes.
Describing Gum Disease in America
Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in older adults, and tooth loss can affect a person's quality of life. It seems that some groups in the US may be experiencing gum disease more than others.
Denture Cleanliness Might Be Lacking
People with dentures to replace missing teeth need to regularly clean their dentures to maintain good oral health. A new study suggests that some denture wearers may need to learn more about denture care.
A Dental Diabetes Link
Diabetes and dental health might not be the most obvious pair, but new research out of South Korea suggests that there might be a connection between the health of the mouth and the management of diabetes.
Brushing Teeth to Keep Heart Disease Away
The expression "To have your heart in your mouth” may have a new meaning. Gum health has been shown to influence heart health, and good oral hygiene may even slow hardening of the arteries.
Recommended Fluorides for Those at Risk for Cavities
Tooth decay can become very serious if not treated. Special fluoride treatments may be necessary for those who are at high risk for cavities.