Health News

How to Quickly Stop Tooth Pain
Toothaches should be examined by your dentist, but sometimes the pain is so strong that you may want temporary relief before your appointment. A new study proved that benzocaine gels can help.
Cholesterol Rx May Fight Gum Disease
Studies have shown a link between gum disease and heart disease; both are driven by inflammation. Now it seems that link also may extend to treatments for heart problems — statins, which lower cholesterol, may help reduce gum inflammation.
Homebound Seniors Need Tooth Love
Oral health care may be difficult to access for homebound seniors. As a result, many homebound seniors may have serious dental health needs.
Burden of Hospital Stays for Dental Infection
Oral health infections can usually be dealt with easily if found early by a dentist. However, many people often wait until hospital care is needed.
Gum Infection and Birth Problems
Expectant mothers must pay detailed attention to their health so they have the best chance of giving birth with no complications. And oral health is no exception. 
Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth
If you have sensitive teeth, you know that it can be a pain — literally. New research shows that a certain mouthrinse could provide relief for people with dental sensitivity.
Reducing Tooth Decay in Children
Children tend to have a difficult time maintaining a clean mouth. And an unclean mouth can lead to a host of dental problems, including tooth decay. With that in mind, researchers recently set out to see if fluoride varnish was effective and safe for preventing tooth decay in children and teens.
Teens' Tobacco Use and Their Oral Health
Some teens hoping to avoid the harmful effects of cigarette smoking may try smokeless tobacco products instead. But using these products also carries significant health risks like oral cancer.
Oral Health May be Linked to Oral Cancers
Cancers that show up in the mouth, tongue, throat and voice box have been increasing. A viral infection is behind some of this trend. Now, scientists have a better understanding of what may contribute to these infections.
Pain Relief After Wisdom Teeth Removal
After a person has their wisdom teeth pulled, pain management is the next step. Prescription painkillers alone may not be as effective as an over-the-counter combo.