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A Solution for Denture Storage
For some seniors, taking proper care of dentures is an important part of good oral health. While dentists advise taking out your dentures at night, many seniors may not know the best way to store them.
Jaw Dropping Cancer Therapy Side Effects
Medications that fight cancer are designed to extend life. Some medicines, though, have serious side effects that can appear years after treatment. A new study looked at bone loss side effects of one medication.
Dentists Need to Know Your Supplements
As dietary supplements have become more popular in the United States, there is growing concern about their safety. One question is whether these supplements could be harmful when taken with other medications.
More Dental Check-ups Better Than Fewer
It may seem like a hassle to go to the dentist for regular check-ups. But staying on top of dental health can help people keep their natural teeth, especially smokers and diabetics.
High Cost of Dental Care at the Hospital
Regular dental visits might take a back seat on the list of priorities, but too many people have been using the ER for dental problems. It’s cheaper to go the dentist than to the ER.
OTC Gels Ease Minor Toothaches
A recent clinical trial tested the effectiveness of two strengths of over-the-counter pain relieving gels for the temporarily ease the pain of a minor toothache. The results of this study found that both maximum and regular strength gels helped relieve toothaches compared to a benzocaine free gel. See a dentist for long-term toothaches. Elliot V. Hersh, MD, PhD, professor of pharmacology in the Department of Oral Surgery and Pharmacology at the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, led an investigation into the use of topical over-the-counter (OTC) gels to rel...
Smoking Seeps Deep Into The Mouth
It’s no secret that smoking is bad for the gums. But the harms of smoking may reach even deeper into the oral bone and prevent healing from gum disease.
Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth
The sharp pain of a sensitive tooth can quickly ruin the joy brought by a delicious ice cream treat. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to soothe a sensitive tooth.
Losing Teeth with Diabetes
Brushing and flossing should be part of everyone’s daily habits. For people with diabetes, proper oral hygiene is even more important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
No Need to Swap Toothbrush After Strep
After having strep throat, many people will replace their toothbrush. However, this may not be necessary to avoid a second round of this bacterial infection.