Health News

Kids' Healthy Dental Habits Begin at Home
Youngsters returning to school from the summer face challenges in proper oral health, including maintaining good lunch habits, protecting their teeth in sports and flossing.
Dental Experts Disagreed on Best Way to Brush
The everyday task of grabbing a toothbrush and some toothpaste and cleaning your teeth may not be as simple as it seems.
Topical Painkillers for Teething Pain May Cause Serious Harm, FDA Warns
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that a certain oral pain reliever should not be used to treat infants and children with teething pain.
People Older Than 100 May Have the Strongest Teeth
People who live to be 100 years old or more are likely in very good health. New research suggests that it all might start in the mouth.
Preventing Dental Caries in Kids
From the moment your child's first tooth erupts, bacteria has the ability to cause caries, or tooth decay leading to cavities. Dental caries are actually the leading chronic disease among young children in the US.
Heart Disease Patients Often Have Poor Dental Health
People with heart disease often have to pay very close attention to their health. It's possible that even dental health is closely associated with heart disease.
Dental and Mental Health Linked
Could tooth loss present more than just an oral health problem? New research suggests dental hygiene could have a broader impact on well-being.
Dental Problems Plague Crohn’s Patients
Some studies have shown Crohn’s disease patients to have more cavities and other dental problems. Are these problems related to the disease, dental hygiene or other risk factors?
Relief for Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth can ruin a great meal, but relief may be closer than you think.
Pulling Teeth Before Heart Surgery May Pose Severe Risks
Before going through heart surgery, patients often have infected teeth pulled to avoid infection after surgery. However, this preventive measure may actually be causing more problems than preventing them.