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Playing Games Lowered Nicotine Cravings
Quitting smoking is not easy and certainly isn’t a game, or is it? Challenging your mind with games might help with the quitting process.
FDA Likely to Start Regulating E-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes have been getting plenty of attention lately, and the debate surrounding them has grown. Now rules governing the products may become stricter.
Smoking Plus Drinking: A Cancerous Mix for the Esophagus
Drinking alcohol and smoking are often vices that go together. That combination of vices also may also except when discussing the risk for esophageal cancer.
Taking Steps to Reduce Smoking
Quitting smoking is a tough task for most smokers. One healthy activity might be a great place to start.
Smoking, Drinking and Body Posture
For some people, smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand. Those habits, however, may affect individuals’ ability to stand up or keep from falling down.
If You Give a TV Star a Cigarette
When teens see stars smoking in movies and on TV, they're more likely to light up themselves, says past research. But is the same true for adults?
Tobacco Ads Still Reaching Young Audiences
Tobacco companies are not as free to advertise as they were years ago, but a new study suggests that despite restrictions, cigarette marketing is still reaching many young people.
Vision Loss Linked to Drinking, Smoking, Lifestyle
Lifestyle habits like tobacco and alcohol consumption along with level of physical activity have wide-reaching impacts on health.
Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics
Getting the correct dose of medication into the bloodstream means patients get the most from their medications. However, smoking may affect that process.
E-Cigarettes Might Not Help Smokers Quit
Some have suggested that e-cigarettes can be a beneficial tool for smokers trying to cut back on their tobacco habit, but evidence may be lacking for these claims.