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Alcohol and Anti-depressants Don't Mix
Most doctors prescribing anti-depressants recommend that their patients do not consume alcohol. When patients ignore this advice and decide to drink while taking their medication they may feel increasingly depressed and becoming excessively intoxicated.
Sleep Deprivation Causes Risky Financial Choices
Casinos know sleepy people can make poor decisions. Using functional MRI scans, we now know which regions of the brain work best without sleep. And which brain regions assess positive outcomes.
Are your kids listening to too much music?
The amount of music your child is listening to may affect their mood. Research shows kids are exposed to at least ten hours worth of media a day.  A new link has been found between children that listen to a large amount of music and suffering from depression.
Is Psychosis a Side Effect of Smoking Marijuana?
Healthcare providers have learned that psychosis can be caused by either genetics or environmental triggers. A recent study suggests that smoking marijuana may be one of those environmental factors causing the onset of psychotic symptoms.
Distractions While Driving
Car drivers are even more distracted than normal when sending text messages, answering phone calls or searching for their destination on a GPS. The results from a new study reports that individuals with ADHD have a greater risk of getting in a car accident.
Nursing Needs Sleeping Too
Due to the nursing shortage stemming from the 1980's, many nurse shifts start at 7:00 am til 7:00 pm or from 7:00 pm til 7:00 am, with many night nurses often working three consectutive shifts. These elongagated work schedules create Circadian Misalignment, a sleep/wake pattern disjointed with humans' biological clocks.
Is This Marlboro Country?
The Marlboro man's rugged, macho cowboy image certainly did sell a lot of cigarettes. He had men thinking, "Let's move to Austin, get on a horse and buy some cigarettes."
A Genetic Answer for Alcoholism
In a recent study, researchers examined how genetic risk factors effect the brain and human behavior. The research found individuals who carry the GABRA2 gene often act on impulse, and may develop alcoholism.
Childhood Cancer Survivors and Sleep
Everyone feels better after a good night's sleep. Everyone also feels listless after a restless night.
Wetting the Bed with ADHD
Everyone is born as a bed-wetter. As children grow, their body learns not to release urine while sleeping. However, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have more bladder control problems than other children, according to a new study.