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Is Autism A National Health Emergency?
Currently there is no definite cause nor cure for Autism. The National Autism Association (NAA) is asking legislators and government health agencies to call Autism a national emergency.
Side Affects for ADHD in Children?
Diagnosing your child with ADHD at a young age may reduce later symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide. A new study considers the possibility of ADHD children being more susceptible to depression and suicidal behavior.
Violence and Bipolar Disease
Previous research argued that patients with bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder, are more likely to be violent. Is this increased violence due to the bipolar disorder alone, or caused by other aspects of the individual's behavior?
The Long and Winding Road
Feelings of depression can make that long and winding road seem even longer and more winding.
Mysterious Bipolar Disorder Gene
Researchers now have found a genetic variation in the gene neurocan (NCAN)  which, when present, makes people susceptible to mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder.
Is your boyfriend affected by your depression?
Depression affects many aspects of someone's life, including thoughts, behavior  and physical well-being. Add relationships to the list as well. 
Taking the Fun Out of Drinking
Naltrexone’s success in treating alcoholisim lies in its ability to block the feelings of euphoria alcohol provides to a significant number of alcoholics.
Facebook Status: Depressed?
In recent years, children have gone from playing outdoors to spending their time inside using Facebook or Twitter. A new report suggests that not only are kids being influenced by online activities, but that these online activities could lead to “Facebook depression".
No Need to Take a Drag?
Patients who get lung cancer as a result of years of cigarette smoking have often tried (and failed) to quit on multiple occasions. Those who are able to suddenly and successfully quit after decades of smoking may be able to do so from a sinister cause.
FDA: "Food Coloring Still Safe"
In light of mounting reports, the FDA's Food Advisory Committee has reviewed the evidence that shows that artificial food coloring can cause behavioral problems in some children. The committee has concluded that artificial dyes are still safe.