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Depression Makes the Pain Worse
Knee arthritis can be so painful that standing seems impossible. Even those with mild arthritis say they feel extreme pain, especially if they have depression.
Erectile Dysfunction and Depression Side Effects
Long-lasting sexual and mental health complications may be caused by class of commonly used drugs found in hair loss medications and the treatment of urinary problems in men with an enlarged prostate. Complications can lead to erectile dysfunction, depression, and a reduced sex drive.
Mental Health Disorders Under 5 Years Old
We usually think mental health disorders are adult problems, but children under 5 years old may also suffer emotional issues. Children often do not receive treated because of the assumption their minds are not complex enough to develop mental problems, or they will grow out of a 'phase'.
Eating Disorders Need More Attention
While eating disorders do not receive the same amount of attention as other serious mental health illnesses, they are more common in teens than one might think. What's more, they found anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating go hand in hand with other mental illnesses.
Is Any Job Really Better than No Job at All?
While it's been shown that being unemployed can be harmful to your mental health, new research shows that having a bad job could be just as damaging.
Stroke Patients: Get Happy, Get Moving
Anyone with depression should get help, but it's especially important for stroke patients if they want to complete day-to-day tasks and maintain their independence.
The 'Baby Blues'
For many women, pregnancy is an exciting time. However, some pregnant women experience deep depression and anxiety, which puts the health of their baby at risk.
Sad About Kidneys
Reinforcing the fact that your mental health impacts your overall health, a new study has found a link between depression and your kidney health.
Spring Break, Bro!
Every year, college students around the U.S. plan to party hard during spring break. The understandings that these students have with their friends about alcohol and sex are predictors of their behavior.
Your Sleepy Brain is Overly Positive
Looking at images of the brain, Duke University researchers found that people who were sleep deprived had increased brain activity in the parts of the brain that process positive outcomes.