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Numbing Quality in Violent Video Games
Science fiction novels often portray a society where people have become numb to the violence around them. War torn countries' citizens also accept tanks filling their streets and impoverished children suffering. The same type numbness occurs in children when playing violent video games.
Unbalanced Body and Mind
Interestingly, people who have psychiatric disorders typically have balance problems. This mind-body connection may hold keys to new treatment directions.
Bye Bye Bad Memories, Hello Greener Side
Most people would give anything to erase a horrible memory. The idea might not be as far-fetched as using a magic wand to suck it out of your brain - just a drug to rewrite it.
Smiling Happy Days
Here's an easy one. Would you rather date The Fonze or Richie Cunningham? A new University of British Columbia study asked just that. The answer for most women? The Fonze.
Do you Really Know if You're Depressed?
Depression is so difficult to track, and the daunting task is generally left to primary care doctors. A new tool is available to help both doctors and patients uncover depression risks.
Brain Injury Begets a Beethoven
Imagine never having the ability to play music before, then getting a severe concussion and suddenly playing like Beethoven. This is just what happened to Derek Amato following a game of water football gone bad.
Brain Differences Hold New Clues
While the cause of autism remains a mystery, scientists are zeroing in on the structure of the disease. It's a molecular puzzle.  Scientists have discovered that two major brain regions - the cerebral cortex and the temporal lobe - are not distinguishable in people with autism.
Prenatal Vitamins May Prevent Autism
It's common knowledge that prenatal vitamins are beneficial for healthy child development. A new study suggests that taking vitamins before pregnancy may actually help prevent autism.
Anorexics Feel Anxiety with Food
Eating for many people is rewarding and satiating, but for others eating may cause a different effect. If eating caused you to feel nervous and anxious would you still want to eat?
Drinking and Cancer
Drinking too much alcohol has been linked to a number of diseases - ranging from gout to fatty liver. A new study expands the number of health conditions on the list.