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Head Injuries Can Lead to Violence
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has long-term health implications including changes in memory capacity and emotions. Some behaviors resulting from these changes include irritability, impulsiveness and violence.
Moral Reasoning Changes With Age
Like adults, children generally know the difference between an accident and a mean-spirited act. But how they respond to these events changes over time.
Depression - Another Kind of Attention Deficit
Some of us ride the roller coaster of life's ups and downs better than others. Scientists are discovering that people with depression get stuck with negative thoughts they can't seem to shake.
Losing Weight May Save the Mind
It's now known that obesity increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. New research suggests that losing weight may help reduce these risks.
Warped Point of View
Some people don’t see themselves clearly. In fact, when they look at themselves in the mirror, the image may be distorted and reflect a totally inaccurate image. There are many people that are dissatisfied with the way they look, but people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) process images – including their own – differently.
Impaired Brain Function Paired With Stroke Risks
Stroke death rates are higher in eight Southern US states which were named the "Stroke Belt" back in the mid-1960s. Researchers have added a new risk factor to this region - cognitive (mental processing) decline.
A Grimm's Sleepy Fairy Tale
In The Grimm's Fairytale Rumplestilskin, a gnarly fellow stays up all night spinning straw into gold. Children who aren't getting enough sleep can become a grumpy Rumplestilskin too. This sleep deprivation can lead to bullying children at school.
How Much Time Should My Child Spend on the Computer?
A parent is able to censor television and choose which channels their children can watch. However, parents may not have the same censoring ability when their child uses a computer.
PTSD Victims may Benefit From Exercise
Exercising is good for just about everything, so it's no surprise that it's been found to help patients with post traumatic stress disorder. Exercise is prescribed for disease, injuries, and overall health.
Being Attractive is Attractive
It's all about the swagger and the fluttering eyelashes. Really. Those are the personality traits that tend to help people predict who is attracted to them.