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Single Moms Have Poorer Health in Midlife
Presently, 40 percent of first children born in the United States are brought into the world outside a traditional marriage. As these single mothers enter middle age, their health problems could lead to a public health crisis.
Less Keg Stands, Better Grades!
College students have developed a bad habit of binge drinking to a dangerous level. Students are eager to take twenty one shots on their twenty first birthday and trying a keg stand which can, and has led many to the hospital, and at times even death.
Dr. Death Dies
Dr. Jack Kevorkian - known to many as "Dr. Death" for helping over 100 people commit suicide - died early Friday morning in a Michigan hospital. A fitting end to assisted suicide's best known advocate.
The Madness of the Sadness
One of the sad things about depression is its tendency to return to cause more suffering. Scientists have new clues as to why that happens. How the brain responds to sadness may predict if depression will return to someone who has been wrestling with the disease.
Imaging How we Think
The vast mysteries of the brain are continuing to be unraveled. Now scientists are able to identify someone's thought processes by using advanced MRI technology.
Men of Sleepless La Mancha
"Sleep is the current coin that purchases all the pleasures of the world cheap, and the balance that sets the king and the shepherd, the fool and the wise man, even." ~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605. The importance of sleep was so eloquently expressed at the height of the Renaissance.
Teachers Need Personal Days too!
Children spend up to fifty hours a week in school. It is known that teaching is a notoriously stressful job, so, how does a teacher’s stress level affect a student?
Avoid Gas Passing for Babies
Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons never recommend surgery requiring general anesthesia for children unless absolutely necessary. New data confirms this advice.
Blinding Blind Spot for Seniors
Most have a soft spot for our senior citizens, but when it comes to driving, seniors' blind spot takes over. In a safe driving study, the number of critical driving errors increased porportionally with age.  
The Human Brain, a Great Opportunist
Cave men used stick figures self-portraits and hunting diaries to record lives since the beginning of cave man time. Similar artwork is riddled throughout human history.