Health News

Fight the Urge to Text At the Wheel
Everyone's done it. Red lights pretty much mean a quick sneaky peak at the cell phone. Maybe even shoot a text off real quick; it's always very tempting.
A Ride to Work is Best
Commuting to work by your own two legs does a whole lot more than save gas money and prevent air pollution.
Real Life for Olympians
It's been over a month since the London 2012 games ended. Athletes like Michael Phelps who threw in the towel for the last time may have quite the battle getting used to life away from the arena.
Is That Vein Going To Pop?
You may know someone who has been to anger management classes. Typically these people have a history of emotional instability, but should classes be limited to these people? You might benefit from these classes too.
Don't Choke Under Pressure
When the pressure's on, the mental aspect can be tough for competitors. But dealing with it may get easier as researchers have found a way to help athletes deal with pre-game stress before they begin play.
Mood Kept In Order With Exercise
It's been well established that muscles get stronger and the heart gets pumping with exercise. And as far as dealing with emotions, exercise continues to help people keep calm and collected.
Why Stress Hurts Your Concentration
It is well known that stress can make it harder to concentrate. Math problems, for example, are more difficult when a person is stressed out. Until recently, researchers were not sure why.
The Eyes Never Lie?
Most people have heard the idea, and many subscribe to it - that people's eyes move a certain way when they are being untruthful. This idea of a shifty-eyed liar is culturally engrained, even visible in cartoons and movies when lying is being portrayed onscreen.
The Cost of Repression
The mind-body connection has interested people for centuries with more and more research showing that the two are completely connected.
When Beeps & Zooms Interrupt Your Dreams
The beeps, the zooms, the revs, the lumbering semis… Living near a busy highway often means little peace and quiet. But constant annoying traffic noise can affect health too.