Health News

Live Healthy Today, Stay Active Tomorrow
Whether it is driving yourself to the grocery store or performing routine housework, staying independent in old age can make life much easier. New research suggests that to have independence later in life, everyone should pick up healthy habits today.
Knees Buckling Under Pressure
Your body weight and your job may be putting considerable pressure on your knees. This pressure could lead to a medical condition called knee osteoarthritis.
Getting Strong Before Cancer Treatment
Treatment may not begin immediately after a cancer diagnosis. It can take a few days or a few weeks before a health team has a treatment plan. But cancer patients often want to know what they can do right away.  A new review discusses ways to take advantage of this time.
Break a Sweat and Bust a Stroke
Exercise until you sweat, and you can send your stroke risk running. Sweating during physical activity is a sign that you're getting an aerobic workout, and that can offer protection to your heart.
Making Changes for a Healthier Heart
You may have more power to improve your heart health than you think. By eating healthier foods, hitting the treadmill, and quitting tobacco, you could be doing your heart a world of good.
Pumped Up Kids
Having strong muscles is good for everyone. Building up muscle strength can help prevent injury. And now it seems that increased muscle strength may be linked with reduced risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
Diet, Exercise and Matters of the Heart
Diabetes patients who are overweight or obese are often advised to lose weight. Doing so may not only help them control diabetes, but can also protect the heart. But is that protection long-lasting?
Americans Are Moving More
More public health campaigns in recent years have focused on the need for regular physical activity. Apparently, Americans are listening — and they're getting up and exercising.
Teens Can Improve Heart Health
Heart health starts with good habits during your teenage years. American teens may need to learn better heart healthy habits to maintain good health into adulthood.
A Workout a Day May Keep Cancer Away
There have been several advances in breast cancer treatment. But it is natural to wonder if you could do something to avoid the disease. Researchers believe exercise may help fight off breast cancer.